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Tenancy FAQs

What is the tenancy contract?

The tenancy agreement is a legally binding document between the landlord (owner) and the tenant (you). It sets out clearly defined rules of the building and the obligations of the Landlord and Tenant. This is useful because if there are any disputes, both the Landlord and Tenant will refer to the Tenancy Agreement.

What is my tenancy contract length?

The tenancy contract length available to you will vary based on the city and property in which you have booked a room in. For more information, please visit the FAQ pages on your relevant Uninest City website.

Can I shorten or cancel my tenancy contract?

Unfortunately, once you have signed the tenancy contract for a certain period, you are unable to shorten it. If you wish to leave early, this must be discussed with the property manager who will deal with any request on a case by case basis. In circumstances where Uninest will not allow you to relieve you of your tenancy early, we will always help to find a replacement tenant for you.

Please contact us directly to discuss our cancellation policy.

Can I extend my tenancy contract?

Uninest always give preference to students already living with us to stay in their current room. This period however will be for a limited time, so you are asked to book when we inform you of the new academic year accommodation prices.If you wish to extend your tenancy contract, you should contact the Student Services Team at Uninest as soon as possible to ensure that the room has not already been booked by someone else. We will then follow the bookings process and secure the room for you if it is available.

Can I move in to my room earlier or later than the date booked?

In some instances, you may be able to move into your room prior to the start date. However this is subject to availability and an additional charge. Please contact our Student Services Team to discuss further.