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Residents Info

Uninest Residences and Facilities are available to students from all universities, so you can study in any university in Dubai or Dublin, and still live with us. We offer different types of rooms for you to choose from. All rooms are fully furnished with built-in wardrobes, beds, and study desk. Therefore there is no need to need for you to buy any furniture, just bring your suitcase!

In order to make your living more comfortable and keep your student years interesting, Uninest offers some shared social and community facilities that could help you unwind and spend some time with friends. After all University is not only about study, but also about meeting new people and learning about different cultures.

Additional facilities offered:

Temperature Controlled -   Every room is temperature controlled.

Internet / Wi-Fi -   High-speed internet, (Wi-Fi) is available in all common areas of the building.

Bills -   All utility bills, including internet are included in your rent.

Cooking -   All kitchens include a cooker and hob, fridge/freezer, microwave, kitchen table, chairs and storage for personal food items.

Gym -   A complete gym, open all day, available for students to use.

Group study/ relaxation areas -   Giving students an opportunity to bond with other students and to study together.

Roof garden / terrace -   An open space for students to arrange get togethers or parties and have a good time.

Security -   Safety of our students is a priority. A personal access card is provided to each resident to ensure only Uninest residents enter the building.

Maintenance -   24x7 onsite property Maintenance team so that if anything goes wrong in a building,we can fix it quickly and efficiently.

24 hour staff -   Our friendly Customer Support Service Team is available onsite 24 hours a day. Dedicated to deliver excellent customer service and focus on the well being of students, help and support is available at all times.

Communal Areas -   University is not just about study, it's about meeting new friends and learning about new cultures too. We have designed common spaces which provide an environment that students can relax and enjoy in.

Laundry -   Coin operated laundry facilities are available in every property, so that students can easily wash and dry their clothes.

CCTV -   Safety and security is one of the most important aspects of our properties. We use state of the art CCTV in all of our properties.